Our Vision

More than 500 million plastic straws are used per year, by the United States alone. More than half of those end up in the ocean and on the shores. Although plastic straws are not one of the top contributors of the 600,000 sq mile garbage mass in the Pacific Ocean, they are a massive problem that needs fixing.

We are trying to spread the word and motivate more people all around the world to switch to a more eco-friendly straw alternatives to plastic. There are plenty of options, we only need to commit to saving our planet.

Our Story

It all started with a viral video. A turtle, with a plastic straw lodged up its nostril, in obvious pain while saviors attempted to pull it out. A heartbreaking sight.

Our founder only had to watch 30 seconds, before bursting into tears. The realization that straws are worse than we thought. This fueled the fire to join the movement against plastic straws, and encourage others to do so.

Next Steps...

Join us in saving our oceans, the animals, and humans alike!