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How Bad is the Problem?

Throughout the streets, parks, gutters, beaches, and more, we see plastic straws all over the ground. According to Ocean Conservancy's International Coast Cleanup, plastic straws have reached #5 on the list of top ten list of items found polluting the earth since 2014.

What Can We Do?

For starters, we can cut straws out of some areas of our lives, if not completely. When going to a restaurant or a fast-food place, simply refuse a straw; after all, every company is supposed to ask if you want one, instead of throwing them down immediately.

You can also sign up by clicking the button at the bottom of the page to join the movement and save the planet!

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What If I Need a Straw?

Do you have a small child? A disability? Sensitive teeth? Or just don't want to put your mouth on a restaurant cup? No problem! There are plenty of alternatives that you can use instead. Of course, you would have to remember to carry them, but like all habits, it will come naturally for the better!

How Reasonable is Cutting Out Straws?

Based on a survey, with a total of 208 responses, that was created as part of this project, it was found that 58.7% of those who took the survey thought that it was absolutely possible to cut out straws. The rest was comprised of 28.8% saying it was probable, and only 12.5% saying it wasn't at all possible.

From this, we can see that people believe its reasonable and that it can be done, but are they willing to work?

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How Willing Are You Willing To Work_

How Willing Are You to Work?

From that same survey mentioned above, the last question simply asked how willing people are to work to save the planet on a one to four scale; and out of the total of 208 responses, a whopping 105 people ranked themselves at a four. This was followed by 80 at three, 15 at two, and only 4 at a one.

As you can see, people are aware of this growing problem and even willing to work towards fixing it; so take the leap, and join the movement below!


Next Steps...

Join us in saving our oceans, the animals, and humans alike!